Client Agreement

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Subscription Agreement

Company Policy

To provide customer with rental information matching stated criteria on a DAILY BASIS upon request, by fax, Internet, E-mail or visiting or offices during normal business hours.

To use all sources deemed reliable and reputable to obtain rental information for client’s inspection.  However, Hometown Rentals is not responsible for misinformation (i.e. spelling, areas, names, etc.)

To  obtain rental information from any source available for client’s inspection.

This contract, when presented, entitles the named subscriber(s) to rental information for 180 days, for the sole purpose of locating suitable housing only. Any other use of this information is not allowed.

Hometown Rentals is strictly a rental information service only and does not inspect, appraise or show property and is, therefore, not responsible for the condition of rental properties listed through the service.  Hometown rentals does NOT offer any refunds once an account has been activated.

This account is non-transferable, non-assignable and non-cancelable.  However, Management reserves the right to terminate this account for misuse or abuse of services and/or employees and no refunds will be available on this account.

Customer is reminded that company attempts verify all properties listed on a timely basis, but company cannot guarantee that all listed properties will still be available at the time that the customer decides to contact them.  Company makes no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, other than stated herein.

Registration fee: $79.00

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